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Who We Are

Regional Steel Products is a custom commercial and industrial steel fabricator located in Mobile, AL. The company provides a multitude of fabrication services for various industries. Regional Steel affords the customer the ability to know they will receive a product that meets and exceeds standards. We follow AISC guidelines, both in our  shop and in the field.  

Why choose Regional Steel Products?


We have a management team with a combined 150 years experience.  The men that work in our fabrication shop are dedicated to their craft and with that the highest level of quality. Our erection teams are lead by an experienced team of foreman dedicated to safety as well as schedule.


Safety comes first in terms of attention to detail in all aspects of operations.  We take pride in our employees, and put no price on the safety of our crew. We invest heavily in safety training and certifications for our employees while better serving Regional Steel Products’s customer base.

Assurance of Quality

The combination of experience, attention to detail and safety allow for product, service and output to be of the highest quality.